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We are tackling climate change and building resilience in the communities most vulnerable to its effects.

Our Story

We are passionate about helping people to learn, pray, and take climate action while supporting our global neighbors to adapt to the consequences of climate change. In 2020 we merged with Climate Caretakers, a distinctly Christian prayer and action project to raise awareness of the climate crisis. Climate Stewards USA is a part of A Rocha USA.

We walk step-by-step with organizations that want to faithfully steward God’s creation. To date, we have helped over 50 organizations and thousands of individuals understand their carbon emissions impact and lower it year after year. 

The Team

Picture of Caroline Pomeroy - Director​

Caroline Pomeroy - Director​

Caroline has been with Climate Stewards since 2013. She has an MSc in Climate Change Impacts and Sustainability and loves helping churches to think through how they can be better stewards of the environment. In 2015 she cycled to Paris as part of the ‘Pilgrimage to Paris’ before the COP21 climate change talks. She has worked for Tear Fund in Ghana, and more recently spent 3 years in Rwanda, working with various environmental and community projects.​

Picture of Adrian Frost – Technical, Operations and Development

Adrian Frost – Technical, Operations and Development

Adrian is responsible for the Climate Stewards’ online carbon footprinting tools (our footprint calculator for individuals and 360carbon.org for churches) and tools for estimating carbon sequestration potential of woodlots in the tropics. He also develops Climate Steward’s “Seal of Approval” process for carbon offsetting projects in the developing world using a variety of technologies, and works on partner support and project development for Seal of Approval projects.

Picture of Becky Rhodes – Finance and Admin

Becky Rhodes – Finance and Admin

Becky is responsible for the administration and book-keeping at Climate Stewards. She has an engineering degree and her prior experience includes various admin roles in the commercial sector (Lexus, Captial Radio and others), an MAF project in Tanzania, and more recent roles in the educational and charity sectors. As a part of the local Christian community in Somerset, she has led study groups and has contributed as a singer and musician in church for many years.

Picture of Alice Corrie – Technical and Communications

Alice Corrie – Technical and Communications

Alice is a graduate from the University of Exeter with a masters in Mechanical Engineering. She is assisting Adrian in various projects, including improving the carbon calculator as well as creating social media content. Through her degree she focused on sustainability in academia and personal commitments, following her call to environmental justice. Alice is also part of the Young Christian Climate Network (YCCN), leading in organising the UK-wide launch event. Alice is also a keen cook and baker with an Instagram-based food blog.

Frequently Asked Questions


Sorry, supporting a particular project or location with your offset or donation is not possible. Your offset goes to the projects most in need.


Effective Jan 1, 2021, A Rocha USA assumed ownership and responsibility for Climate Caretakers, which merged with A Rocha’s new carbon offset program, Climate Stewards USA. Climate Caretakers' former Director, Brian Webb, is now the Founder and Director Emeritus of Climate Caretakers, and he will retain his email address, brian@climatecaretakers.org.


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Collectively, we make a difference when we measure our carbon footprint, reduce what we can, and offset the rest.
You can trust that our community projects bring health, livelihood, and environmental benefits alongside carbon mitigation.

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