Together, we can make a difference for people and the planet.

Through simple lifestyle changes that save us money and reduce carbon emissions, we can lower our footprint dramatically. 

However, one of the most important actions we can take is talking about why we care. Much of the American carbon footprint is “baked into” our way of life. We need to tell our school boards, city councils, clergy, and elected officials that we want to be part of the solution in stopping the climate crisis.

What can we do TODAY about climate change? Talk about why it matters to us.

Top Lifestyle Changes for the Planet

Talk about it

Most of us care about the climate crisis because it harms something or someone we value: our neighbors, coral reefs, ecosystems and wildlife, even winter sports. For many of us, our faith also plays a central role: we care because God loves the world. A great place to start talking about climate change is with those that share our values. You can do it!

Fly and Drive Less

For many Americans, the bulk of our carbon footprint comes from flying! Our daily work commute is another enormous chunk. Reduce flying and driving to have the biggest impact on your carbon footprint. Check out our infographic on climate-friendly vacationing for more inspiration.

Eat Good Food

Adopting a plant-based, local diet into your lifestyle is good for your body and good for the planet. Reducing meat consumption, as well as dairy products, will lower your carbon footprint. Taking care to waste less food is a huge money-and-emissions saver, as well.

Home Energy Use

Energy saved is money earned. By making simple energy efficiency switches in your home, you can instantly lower your carbon footprint and lower your energy bill. Check out our infographic for the easiest changes to make today.

360°carbon for churches

Is your church ready to take action on climate change? Check out our 360°carbon online calculator to assess your congregation’s annual footprint. 

Download our Quick Start Guide for Churches to get a head start.

Take Action

Collectively, we make a difference when we measure our carbon footprint, reduce what we can, and offset the rest.
You can trust that our community projects bring health, livelihood, and environmental benefits alongside carbon mitigation.

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